All documentation for our software is available free via internet. Simply click on the document name to download.  The documents are text (ASCII) files with the extensions '.DOC'. You can print the files or view the files on your monitor with a word processor, the Win95 Notepad or the program VU.COM (available free from the free software  page). Below is a list of the document files.

T123.DOC - tennis racquetball racquet-sports tournament software (121.6K)

CRTLOG.DOC - court control sheets/labels (5.7K)
DRAW.DOC - draw sheets without match times (1.7K)
DRAW32.DOC - condensed draw sheets (7.1K)
EZSEED.DOC - easier player seedings (1.7K)
FEEDIN.DOC - feedin consolation (12.0K)
LIMIT.DOC - control rounds per day for events (5.7K)
MATCH2.DOC - first round loser consolation (12.4K)
NOPLAY.DOC - control scheduling when players cannot play (10.5K)
PAID.DOC - entry fees accounting (22.1K)
SCORE.DOC - draw sheets with match scores (8.0K)
SEARCH.DOC - lists of selected players (4.6K)
SEVER.DOC - divide draw sheets (1.7K)
SPLIT.DOC - divide draw (3.9K)
SPREAD.DOC - players not meet in the first round (7.0K)
TIMES.DOC - control scheduling of events (9.0K)

EZDB.DOC - club/business/personal database (46.9K)
LADR.DOC - challenge ladder management (22.7K)
LEAGUE.DOC - league scheduling (22.4K)
LEAGUE2.DOC - league scheduling and management (40.5K)
MATCHUP.DOC - match people for sports and other activities (34.9)
MIXER.DOC - rotation doubles scheduling (27.7K)
RANK.DOC - rank singles and doubles teams (44.9K)
RANK2.DOC - rank doubles players individually (45.1K)
RATE.DOC - rate singles and doubles teams (45.0K)
SCHEDULE.DOC - schedule/reserve facilities and people (16.6K)
WIN2.DOC - double and single elimination scheduling (19.8K)

SA.DOC - general instructions for all stand-alone programs  (15.6K)
ADDON.DOC - general instructions for all add-on programs  (21.7K)
INSTALL.DOC - software installation instructions  (3.5K)
CATALOG.DOC - software catalog  (27.3K)
WIN95.DOC - Running DOS programs on Windows 95 computers  (3.9K)

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