We have developed software for reserving (scheduling) facilities, e.g., courts, fields, rooms, etc.  The software also can be used to schedule people, e.g., referees, teachers, consultants, etc. You even can use the software to schedule items, e.g., cars, tools, etc.

Each facility (person, item, etc.) can be scheduled for a specific date and time period. The software will ensure there are no conflicting reservations. You can enter money paid and owed. Six note fields can be used to meet your needs. The data can be sorted 11 different ways, and viewed on the screen or in printed reports. The software is versatile, easy to use, and should be quite helpful.

The initial test version of the software now is available for free downloading. Please download the program (and instructions) and try it. Then send an e-mail with your comments and suggestions. We are very receptive to making changes and enhancements that will benefit most users. The upgraded versions will be available here for free downloading. Thanks for your help. 

Download program free:        SCHEDULE.EXE

Download instructions free:   SCHEDULE.DOC

Click here to send E-mail now. Please include software or other words in the subject of the e-mail to clearly show it is not spam. Thanks.

Go to the free software page to download free software.

Go to the free documentation page to download free documentation and instructions.

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